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Air Export
Our air export services provide general contracting and subcontracting for direct customers and forwarders, including designing and optimizing logistics solutions, picking up cargos from shippers, customs declaration and inspection, international transportation, and delivering the shipments to consignees. Our fast response and cost control towards the goods flow, documents flow and cash flow of the logistics chain help us meet the door to door one-stop integrated logistics requirements of customers.

Based on the network and operation scale, with the aim of safety, accuracy, speed and low cost, we provide variety of route products and integrate resources to meet the requirements of different customers by value added services

We provides pick-up, labeling and marking, packing, loading, customs declaration, inspection and inwards cargo management before shipping, and pick-up, customs declaration, warehousing, transferring ,distribution and delivery after arrival for customers in textile, electronic, mechanical equipment, food and chemical industry.
Based on the global capacity, we organize charters to meet customers’ requirements.

Air Import
Parcel Mailing Zone air import services provide general contracting and subcontracting for shipments from all over the world to the destination in USA, and timely reflect the goods flow, documents flow, information flow and cash flow, with the aim of safety, accuracy, speed and low cost.

We have bonded warehouses, of which the facilities and regulations meet the requirements of customs, providing door to door integrated logistics services including picking up, international transportation, documentation, customs services, warehousing, dispatching, inspection and delivery with the air import distribution qualification.
We have a group of qualified and experienced customs declaration, inspection, transportation and warehousing specialists; our bonded truck along with the information system help cargos transport in bond and track conveniently and quickly.

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